Community Outreach

At Triyog High School we aim to encourage a strong sense of community and we work to ensure our students are aware of, and actively participate in, our community at large.

Building community relations and expanding our students knowledge and awareness are the focus of our community activities. Students have been participating in a number of projects, involving classwork and extra-curricular activities, including:

  • Environment-friendly practices, such as encouraging organic farming using vermin-compost to dispose of biodegradable waste etc. Rubbish reduction.
  • The establishment of a Student led Junior Red Cross Circle.
  • Volunteer activities and Outreach Programs – including; temple service, SERC School visit – a center for the physically handicapped, a Blanket Drive as part of the Nyano Sansar Project, in which students donated warm clothes to the needy in association with Nyano Sansar, and Ekata Mahila Samuha Dhapasi, blood drive and more.
  • Outreach Programs with Project Humane Nepal to encourage the students to be responsible for all the living creatures around them and understand proper care and treatment of animals.
  • Establishment of the Friends of Zoo (FOZ) which conducts various awareness programs on nature and wildlife conservation.