It has to be understood that Triyog High School does not rush into cramming information into the still formative brains of the child, but believes in guiding the child over the years towards a complete human being. Patience from the parents is extremely expected. Kindly do not panic if your child cannot spell ‘rhinoceros’ or ‘hippopotamus’, by the end of Class II. It takes years, and all necessary help and cooperation from parents to help the child bloom.

The Pre-Primary Wing at Triyog High School functions as an extension of home. The teaching is informal with plenty of breaks for naps, snacks and play. It houses specially designed aids to enhance the psycho-motor skills of the students.

The focus is on learning by doing. Hence all learning is through plays and pleasurable activities.

We prepare the child to explore reality through his/her natural curiosity and zest for life. We believe that spoon feeding will be harmful for the child. A faculty of specially trained teachers man the Pre- Primary Wing.