Primary School (Kindergarten-3)

Progressive Education

In the year 2012, on the occasion of its Silver Jubilee Celebration, Triyog High School took a giant leap in reforming the concept of learning/teaching. In keeping with the modern trends in education, the school introduced Progressive Education for Class I, with the aim of upgrading this, up to Class VIII, which has now, reached till Class VI. We have also introduced Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) as a core subject for the Primary Section.

In this method of teaching/learning students take the active role in learning, whereas the teachers are as facilitators, scaffolding the students, as and where needed. Our team of teachers have been specially trained by experts to follow the Progressive Integrated Teaching Methodology.

Students are provided with opportunities to learn through hands on activities, group discussions, collaborative work, field trips, sharing their work to the Class and giving/taking constructive opinions of peers, which help them to develop their problem solving, critical thinking and social skills. Students are taught to link cross-curricular topics to understand the larger picture of their education. At the end of each unit, students showcase their learnings in field trips, classwork and homework for their Project Days during which parents and neighbouring schools are invited.

The result, of all these hard work, of our team of dedicated teachers, can be seen predominantly in the Primary Section. The children’s progress is remarkable. They are learning by ‘doing’ and are actively involved in whatever they are doing, most importantly they are enjoying their learning and that is why their understanding and retaining of the different subject matters are exceptional. Their language ability has improved to great extent. They can converse appropriately and adequately. They are confident. They respond well and are not inhibited. Their writing ability too has improved greatly.