Triyog Alumni Society

Triyog Alumni Society


Triyog Alumni Society represents the alumnus of Triyog Higher Secondary School. Holding the motto of ‘Unity in Diversity for Prosperity’ is a forward looking concept to unite all the members of Triyog family in order to build professional network and work for the welfare of the community. It acts as a bridge between the alumni and the current students helping to make a stronger relationship between the institute and the ex-students who have benefited from Triyog and would like to contribute back. The initiative took place with the lead taken by Abiral Khatri, the current president from batch of 1997-2009 in the year 2012 and the effort has been continued ever since. The alumni has been registered in four different government organizations including the Social Welfare Council and is recognized as an NGO.

After facing different challenges on awareness about the concept and budget constraints, in the year 2015 after 3 years of long hope and waiting, the initiator convinced and influenced many ex-students to form the alumni which resulted in the formation of a team and a vision of doing something for the welfare of the Triyog fraternity.

Here are some of the major highlights of the work done by the executive team of Triyog Alumni Society in the year 2015 alone.

  1. 1stEx-Students Meetup, 6th March 2015.
  2. Farewell Awareness Program Batch 3 April, 2015
  3. Triyog for Quake Victims Project 2015
  4. Executive Body Election for TAF, 8th 2015
  5. Logo Making Competition and Reunion 5thSeptember, 2015
  6. Meeting and Discussions with the BOD of school
  7. Legal Registration in Process

Objectives of TAS

  • To bridge the gap between present students and ex-students of Triyog and help build professional networks.
  • To contribute the school with various activities and events by giving the present students exposure and career counselling sessions.
  • To initiate community welfare social activities.

Benefits to Triyog Higher Secondary School from Triyog Alumni Society.

  • Bridges the gap between current students and ex-students of Triyog Higher Secondary School.
  • Provides a platform for the students and the school with professional networking and collaboration opportunities.
  • Outdoor exposure to the student with the involvement in volunteering and participation in TAF events. For example, Logo Making Competition 2015.
  • Professional and technical support to the school with the right human resource and expertise in the relevant field.
  • Community welfare projects and including Dhapasi community and nationwide national projects. For example, Triyog for Quake Victims Project
  • Assistantship and advisory support in the functioning of school curriculum with the progressive learning.
  • Reflect the school’s Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) with alumni activities.
  • Acknowledgements to THSS in every events and programs organized by the TAF.

Major Highlights of Triyog Alumni Society in 2015:

  1. 1stEx-Students Meetup, 6th March 2015:

“In Triyog we will be ever united striving on in truth always”. This line from the lyrics of our school song never seemed to have been so relevant other than on 6th march 2015 as with the initiative started by some of the ex-students, more than 50 other ex-students gathered at the school auditorium for the first time in 27 years to redefine the bond with the school, and with all the Triyogees of Triyog fraternity for the alumni formation. Thanks to the school management for encouraging this initiation and for sharing the school’s expectations and support towards the alumni. The event was moderated by Abiral Khatri were based on interactive presentations with an objective to come up with a conclusion in starting and institutionalizing our Triyog Alumni with a single authentic entity where we can post about the reunion events like these, inform about the bi-weekly meetings and build maximum ex-students network into a single portal.

The feedback of the event was amazing with ex-students from all around the globe posting and appreciating the tremendous effort the team had put in to reunite all the Triyogees.

  1. Farewell Awareness Program Batch 3 April, 2015

The executive team presented a program on the farewell day of grade 10 batch of 2015 as a part of our reunion movement which influenced more members to join the Triyog Alumni. The opus play conceptualized by Bishesh Dewan and the speech by Abiral Khatri for the farewell program that was had taken the alumni to next level.This work was appreciated by teachers, students and also boosted up the confidence of the Alumni to influence and make more members join the movement.

  1. 3Triyog for Quake Victims Project April 28th-May 11th2015

On April 25th 2015, the country faced a devastating earthquake where more than 8000 people lost their lives. During this critical time, the Triyog Alumni in collaboration with the school organized ‘Triyog for Quake Victims Project’ where by all the ex-students, current students and the people of Dhapasi community gathered up with rescue and relief packages that were sent to more than 7 quake victimized districts.

This effort gave the true meaning of humanity and how an association like TAF can collaborate and contribute for the welfare of the community. The support from the school and the joint effort was appreciated by the ex-students from all around the world and this further reunited the Triyogees for something better.

  1. Executive Body Election for TAF, 25thMay 2015

The executive body election of TAF added a remarkable milestone to boost up the confidence for the initiative in forming an alumni. The entire fraternity of Triyog were informed through social media in which 30 ex-students showed up in the election and selected the executive team on consensus considering the time, efforts and commitment shown by the body.

  1. Logo Making Competition and Reunion, 5thSeptember 2015.

The most anticipated event that made the alumni more lively and fun was the Triyog Alumni Society in collaboration with Triyog Higher Secondary School presenting ‘Logo Making Competition 2015 and Reunion Event ‘with the motto ‘Your Decision Makes a Change’ where the entire Triyog fraternity including teachers, current students, ex-students and professionals were invited to come together and reunite to launch the TAF logo.

The event was coordinated by Bishesh Dewan along with all the executive members and other volunteers in the organizing committee. The theme of “unity for life, miles to achieve through different colors and different life” was given to the 6 participants both from the school and alumni. We also had our special guests Mr. Sushil Shrestha Nepali and Mr. Amit Bajracharya from Dribble Nepal and Mr. Subash Shrestha, art teacher from the school who had provided feedback to the participants and appreciated their work. The major objective of this event was to come up with the ultimate best logo for our TAF and we are proud to have such great logos prepared by all the 6 participants (4 from school and 2 from alumni). Congratulations to Shreemila Shrestha current student from Triyog for winning the Logo Making Competition by maximum number of votes and getting the life time membership recognition from the alumni. Apart from the logo making event different food stalls, game stalls and band performance were kept to make the reunion both fun and lively.  TAF also appreciated all the participants and attendees for the efforts and contribution for this event.

Contemplating on this line from the school song “In Triyog we will be ever United, Striving on in Truth Always”, the purpose of this reunion like every alumni event was also to reunite the Triyog fraternity. More than 180 Triyogees came in the event reflecting the love, unity and contributed in the alumni formation process. This truly provided the initiators and organizers with all the encouragement and support needed to keep building and growing our Triyog alumni network.

Meeting and Discussions for the Planning and Institutionalizing TAF: 

Since the very initiative of the formation of the executive team, our goal has been to officially register Triyog Alumni Society and to form a bridge connecting with the school by supporting the students in all possible means. The registration process have been already started with the frequent meeting with the lawyer, amending the constitution of our Alumni, searching for more dedicated volunteers and keeping the school updated. We have had many plans for our next big step but the registration having not done has made it difficult to be applied.

Executive Team:

Name Batch Position
Abiral Khatri 14th Founder and President
Ayush Acharya 13th Vice-President
SambriddiGhimire 19th General Secretary
SashankBasnyat 14th Treasurer
SajagGuragain 11th Public Relations
Salil Shrestha 14th IT and Graphics
Bishesh Dewan 18th Event Coordinator
Pratik Poudel 18th Recording Secretary
Darshana Singh 20th Recruitment
Dr. Samridhi Khatri 12th Advisory