Project Day

Grades KG-3 had their Project Day on the 24th of June, 2016. Parents were invited to School see the program.
KG presented on the topic “Shapes and Colors” where they made a model of a building using different shapes cut out on paper.
The topic for Grade I was “Animals- Domestic and Wild”. They recited poems, sang a song on farm animals and also gave speeches on the importance of animals. There was also an exhibition on the model of habitats of farm and wild animals.
For Grade II the topic was “From the Farm to the Table”. The students presented on the usefulness of the plants with focus on food that we get from them. They also prepared food items – vegetable sandwich, fruit salad, and lemonade for the parents and teachers.
Grade III presented on “Parts of the Plant and their Functions”. They recited poems, sang songs on plants, demonstrated on the leaf, and also carried out experiments on transferring the nutrients from roots to the different parts of a plant.