ECA at a glance

Here at Triyog, we believe in the all round development of the students. As a part of providing holistic education to them, we have various co-curricular and extracurricular activities catering to the interest of the students. We feel that providing education merely from the text books do not prepare our children to face the real world which is challenging and tough.

We have included various area of learning both in the field of Sports and Literary activities. We have a team of dedicated and hardworking professionals who ensure that children enjoy their activities to the fullest.
We feel proud to be the members of various non-governmental organizations such as the Junior Red Cross Society, Friends of the Zoo etc.

Seminars and workshops are held regularly to make the students aware about the problems that are seen in the society. We have partnered with Nyano Sansar-a non-profit organization and Red Cross that is working to fight the extreme cold faced by the disadvantaged people in the Terai region during winter by donating used but warm clothes. Apart from that, we have introduced a cycling club for senior school which not only takes students out on cycling trips but also educates them about the cycle mechanics.

In our last Sports Day, we had partnered with UN Habitat Green Homes Project- an initiative to encourage people to build eco-friendly houses. The project emphasized on ‘rain-water harvesting’ which we believe will help the people of the valley to overcome the water shortage they face.
No matter how educated a person is, if he/she lacks moral values and compassion for the fellow human beings, all the merits one has garnered will be fruitless. Our ex-students are doing exceptionally well in whatever fields they have chosen for themselves. We will tirelessly put in our sincere efforts to build honest, truthful and individuals. We will certainly have a sense of pride when our hard work bears fruit in the days to come.